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[Thread] Russian Roulette

Who: OU!Fai and OPEN~
What: Fai has set up a little archery range for himself in the hall. Beware that he's firing arrows blindly and if you spook him, he might not hesitate to shoot. He probably will miss though.
When: Afternoon-ish
Where: Near the sporting store.
Rating: PG+

Twang. Thunk. Clatter. Fai made a small disgruntled sound when he heard the arrow hit the floor. At least it hit the target and not the wall this time, but still. He knew that his aim was better than that, but he guessed that his aim would be much worse when he couldn't see. And here he was thinking that he would be able to get some good practice in.

The vampire had been on his way to the sporting goods store for setting up some practice for himself when his vision had suddenly gone blank. If moving around with limited depth perception was difficult, that stumbling around blind was near impossible. Still, he adjusted the best he could as quickly as he could. It would do to be vulnerable when he was wandering around the mall alone. Especially with the shape shifters taking shelter in the building with them.

Twang. Thud. Silence for a beat and then a clatter. Not hard enough, but better. He was closer to the bulls eye too; he was sure of it. The sound of the arrow hitting the target was duller the closer in.

He couldn't help but think of how much easier this would be with magic as he moved to gather up the arrows to reset. It would be nice to reach out with his magic and get a feel for the target before releasing the arrow.

Ugh. Half the arrows were bent or snapped from hitting the wall so hard. At least in the woods he would be able to make more from branches. He would bring some arrows from here when they leave also. It couldn't hurt to have a ranged weapon on hand. His claws were only good for closer quarters and there were things out there that he certainly didn't want to get that close to.

Twang. Thwack. Crack. Fai sighed. There goes another arrow.

((OOC:Fai is currently blind thanks to the magic rain.))
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