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[Thread] Good Doggie

Who: AU!Fay, OU!Fai, and OPEN!
What: Fay and Fai get turned into puppies~
When: During the Christmas Grab Bag Plot
Where: Around and about the mall
Rating: PG

Fai had curled up in one of the beds in the furniture store for a nap, keeping a knife under his pillow just in case on of the clones decided to show up. He hadn't realized that there was a leak of some sort there either. All he knew was that when he woke up the bed seemed much higher than it had been when he fell asleep.

He poked his out of under the blankets, stretching and letting out a yawn. He moved to shake the blankets off of himself, shifting to scratch behind his ear. He jumped off the bed after that, happily trotting out of the store. He had to back up though when he caught his reflection in a mirror. What in the world?

Fai currently looks like this
Tags: [au] fay d fluorite, [ou] fay d fluorite
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