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[Thread] Applebottom Jeans!

Who: Fay [AU] and Kurogane [AU]
What: Fay and Kurogane get hit by the magic water and have to listen to the orders the other gives them.
When: Meh.
Where: Meh?
Rating: Pg-13 to R. Depending on how far we take this, the rating could go up.

He was sitting and enjoying himself. A good book, a nice cup of tea, a good blanket, and a nice couch to curl up on. It had been a while since he had just relaxed. And in the staff room was a good place to do it. He was purring and warm with the door propped open, engrossed in the pictures more since he couldn't read the words. Pictures of landscapes he wish he could visit.

Cats were very visual creatures.

Then the sound of familiar foot falls reached his ears and made them twitch. Kurogane! Hey! He should totally go bother him. "Kuro-pup!" Suddenly he was lurching over the side of the couch and running out into the regular shopping plaza. And there he was, his back facing him. "Wait for me you big lug!" He shouted as he started trotting after him.

He liked alone time, but he liked Kurogane more. And yeah, he was admitting to himself this since Kurogane had probably saves his life. He kind of owed him this, though that's not why he did it. After all, just because he wasn't tense with Kurogane and admitted he had a crush on him to himself, didn't mean he was explaining to Kurogane anything.

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