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[Thread] We Were Both Young

Who: Kurogane [AU] and Fay [AU] (May become open later, but for now it's not).
What: Fay and Kurogane need some R&R, both by themselves and together.
When: After this.
Where: Anywhere that had a comfy coach/bed.
Rating: PG-13 | For language | Subject to change.

He was so damn tired... That was how he awoke on his comfy matress thing. Tired, hot and sore. Like his body had run a marathon and he got sick in the process. It was taking a minute for his eyes to adjust as he slowly woke up from his slumber, wrapped up in a warm blanket that he knew was not his and his vision blurry.

Fay's memory was not as efficient as it should be, but when it did come back to him, it was enough to shock the blurriness out of his eyes. He had lost blood because of the fake vampire, was then poisoned, and then he remembered a puppy coming to rescue. In between it was fuzzy and hard to make out, and after throwing up it was hard to remember beside Kurogane picking him up what happened.

So, where ever he was, he had to be safe.

The most important thing was that he was safe thanks to a certain pup who deserved thanks. And that he was fucking starving as hell. His stomach was growling with a fierce intensity he was not used to. Then again his reserves were empty and who knows how long he had been asleep for thanks to that fucking doppelganger. He needed some food and he needed it now.

Fay tried to push himself up but only got so far when a headache surged and made him collapse and groan. Fuck... guess he hadn't gotten himself replenished enough to walk. Then again, that vampire had basically screwed him. It was no wonder he still had that headache. At least it wasn't like he had before though, that was terrible.

Fay sighed to himself and wondered if there was anyone with him. His throat was too parched to even try to yell, so he closed his eyes and wondered if he could get more sleep. Little it would do, he woke up because his body needed food and water, but what other choice did he have?

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