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[Thread] Bring your hips to me

Who: Fay [AU] & Kurogane [AU]
What: Vamp!Kurogane returns, or at least the clone that looks like him. Things don't go well.
When: Today
Where: The Mall...
Rating: R

Kurogane wandered around the food court, ears flattened against the general hatred he felt for the mall and all of its kind. Sure, out of the rain was good, malls just irritated him. A lot. The smell of plastic and the AC gave him a special sort of head ache like his sinuses were being dried out. He went into the smoothy stand's back storage room. Mostly out of interest, wondering how well fruit survived in the freezers. Seeing as how Fai managed to find enough for a meal the other night it seemed like there was a chance.

He opened the large freezer door with some effort, breaking ice off and onto the floor as he did. Kurogane shivered at the first wave of cold air the drifted out in a cloud. His ears turned behind him a second before he realized something was there. The Dog turned quickly only to have... Well it was something hard. Kurogane fell back into the freezer with a good sized gash on the side of his head.

A wrench hung in midair until a hand formed around it. The rest of a complete clone of the Dog formed and cocked its head at the man on the ground. He smirked and shifted to the form it learned last time it found this group, this idiot sans the ears and tail. The fake vampire tossed the wrench down onto the Dog and kicked his feet into the freezer so he could shut the door.

Time to go find kitty. Kurogane turned and made his way to the escalators, scowling around at everything, keeping to the side of the wide hall like he was worried about where he was. So much more fun hunting then flittering about in the rain.
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