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[Thread] So many bright lights

Who: Oz [OU] and OPEN! again
What: Oz wanders a bit. Emos, etc.
When: First day in the mall
Where: Starting on the second floor then where ever the mood takes them.
Rating: PG

The doggy Kurogane caught him sneaking off and sighed, telling him not to go too far at least. They didn’t know what was here really so it made sense. After Oz promised and explained that he just wanted to find some warmer clothing the boy wandered out and quickly found himself on the other side of the huge building. He went up the moving staircase (which were cool~) and tried convincing himself that thinking about his world was not helping anything. So he'd continue being cheerful, but it was surprisingly hard to do.

He looked up, wondering where that music was coming from. Actually, this whole place was full of stuff that he wondered about since the technology here was completely different from his. There were tons of things to distract himself with and keep himself out of the way with. Good thing it seemed like they were going to be here for a while. Plenty of time to wander. He like wandering and looking at new places.

Not right now however. Oz sighed and leaned against the railing over looking the lower floor. This place would be a whole lot better is Gil and Alice were here. Yet he was glad they weren't. The blond frowned, turning to sink down and lean back on the glass panel that kept people from falling to the ground floor. Odd that something made to make people feel safer was made out of something that looked and was so fragile.

He took out his gold pocket watch and wound it carefully, focusing himself onto one seemingly insoluble puzzle. The watch flipped open with the same soft click and started playing its music box lullaby. Oz shifted his knees up to his chest and rested his chin on them. He studied the watch as it played carefully, quickly losing awareness of his surroundings.

((OOC: His profile has the song at the bottom if you're terribly interested/bored.))
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