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[Thread] So Here We Are

Who: Fay [AU] and Kurogane [AU]
What: Morning playing leads to panic.
Where: Their tent
When: Morning
Rating: PG-13?

Kurogane woke up slowly, use to the weight pressing against him by now and not shoving the Cat off or anything. Didn't do any good so he left Fay to snuggle for warmth. Oddly enough it was when Fay wasn't pressed against in at night that Kurogane woke up with a jolt. Too easy to get use to Fay being there, but it was too early and unimportant to worry about it. He shifted slightly to go back asleep for a few more minutes.

His ear flicked when something hit it, a draft or hair, nothing major. The teeth sinking into his ear soon after was major. Kurogane's eyes snapped open as he failed to swallow a surprised yip. The Dog tried sitting up to see and then kill whatever was in their tent that had a taste for ears. His arms were still trapped in his sleeping bag so he had a moment of struggling which gave his brain time to figure out that that blond hair that seemed to be attached to the thing attached to his ear looked very familiar. "What. The. Hell."
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